Hi…Welcome to Dog Training of Brevard County.

Meet Brevard County Professional Dog Trainer Bart Burr and his best friend Hercules.  Both can be found walking and playing in the parks of Cocoa Village.  Bart has turned a hobby in to a passion for helping dogs be the best family member to their families.

Whether you have a several month year old puppy or an older dog, Bart will help your dog to overcome its unaccepted behavior and obey you, the master.  Bart and Hercules have worked with most of the AKC breeds and many of the rare breeds.  Some issues they have solved together have been excessive chewing, aggressive behavior, disobedience, and house training.

Services include…



Collar Training

Indoor Training

Separation Anxiety

…and more!

No matter what stage of life your dog is in, Bart has the experience and knowledge to design a training regimen that will transform your relationship with your dog.

Classes are fun, flexible, and affordable for everyone.  Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Please feel free to email Bart at bartman23b@gmail.com with any questions about our services and enrolling your dog or puppy into classes.

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